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open_ssl_connection -s -deobfuscate -encrypt_aes_256^800
Opening port 423245.^1800
Port 423245 opened successfully.^500
Encrypting connection: open_ssl_aes256(;^1800
Connection encrypted successfully.100%^800
[root@]$ - import server files /usr/ect/kernel/server/config.json^800
Importing config.json^1800
config.json file has been imported successfully.100%^500
De-obfuscating server config files.^800
Files de-obfuscated successfully.100%^800
Decrypting server configuration files.^800
Configurations files are now imported and readable.100%^800
edit_config -coins 100$ -massBoost undefined -xpBoost undefined -inv undefined^700
Open server configurations files in edit mode. ^800
Configurations files is now open in edit mode.100%^800
Protocol changed successfully.100%^800
Change MASS BOOST to undefined.^800
XRM files changed successfully.100%^800
Change XP BOOST to undefined.^800
PP-ID54 updated sucessfully.100%^800
Change INVISIBILITY to undefined.^800
Invisibility changed sucessfully.100%^800
Close configuration file.^800
Configuration file is now closed.^800
save_config -S -v /usr/ect/kernel/sever/config.json^800
Exporting temporary configuration file to main server.^800
Failed to export configuration file, bot detected.^1200
Trying again to export configuration files.0%^800
Failed to export configuration file, bot detected.^1200
Trying last time to export configuration files.0%^1800
Export failed, anti-human verification system detected potential bot.^800
Please complete the human verification popup.^800


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